Registration Related

Yes, if you are above 10 years of age and have a Sanah Ula (juz 1-5) sanad.
You should be above 10 years of age and have a Sanah Ula (juz 1-5) sanad.
You can send the request to join online classes from POST A TICKET section of your elearningquran account.
Kindly select JOIN ONLINE CLASS category for your ticket.
Due to long wait list of mumineen for enrolment in this program, it may take some time before your classes can be started.
If you are eligible to join, your classes may get started in 3-4 months.

Password related

Kindly note that your elearningquran password may not be the same as your ITS password. You have to log in using your ITS ID and the elearningquran password you have created at the time of registration.
You can retrieve your password from the 'forgot password' link. Your password will get sent to your email id registered in your elearningquran account.

Ikhtebaar and Taqdeem related

You can do request for ikhtebaar through taqdeem module by your mohaffiz.
Muhaffaiz can forward the name for taqdeem.
It means that your muhaffiz make us sure that he has prepared you for ikhtebaar.
Muhaffiz means the khidmatguzar who have helped you in hifz and prepared you for ikhtebaar.
Make sure that you should have the sanad of the sanah for which you are forwarding the student for ikhtebaar.
Taqdeem is valid for one attempt only. If you are asked to re-attempt your ikhtebaar, your muhaffiz may be required to do your taqdeem again
You can do taqdeem, from the taqdeem section of your elearningquran account. Kindly follow the online steps and instructions provided in the mentioned section.
After taqdeem by your mohaffiz a mail asking the student to select his ikhtebaar time will be sent. The student has to login to his elearning account and select his ikhtebaar time.
Students can select their ikhtebaar date and time from their elearningquran account after their taqdeem is approved by Mahad al Zahra.
According to elearningquran policy you have to inform atleast 48 hours before from your ikhtebaar time to cancel or change your ikhtebaar time.

Sanad Related

Please make sure that you have given tahreeri ikhtebaar (if above 13 years of age) and have cleared your dues. After completing these formalities, sanad number will get updated in your ITS account within 48 hours.